Photo by Jeff Reeder Photography.

Bryce Milano began his musical journey at just 9 years old. Upon hearing progressive bluegrass groups such as Alison Krauss & the Union Station and The Newgrass Revival, young Milano implored his parents for a mandolin. In just a few years he became a promising young star of the mandolin world. After exploring everything from baroque to Brazilian jazz, Milano earned himself numerous scholarships to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where he continued his performance studies. After 10 years of restless genre-hopping and his time at Berklee, Milano decided to move back to his native city of Philadelphia and focus his attention on a new, more personal pursuit: singing, songwriting, and his signature 5-string electric mandolin and "mandotar."* Striving to write music that is both emotionally direct and subtly sophisticated, Milano takes listeners on a unique musical journey every time he plays. Blending his early acoustic and folk influences with jazz, R&B, pop, and rock, and with his unique and virtuosic instrumental voice, he defies categorization. His lyrics grapple with the uncertainties and anxieties of life that often fly just under the radar of our everyday consciousness, often highlighting both the poignance and the joyfulness in the seemingly mundane, all within the context foot-tapping and distinctly original new music.

*Bryce plays and wholeheartedly endorses Fletcher Brock & Michael Heiden Stringed Instruments.